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It was so exciting to share this fun little getaway with my family! We had such a fun time at Deer Valley! It’s only an hour away from my house, so it’s crazy we’ve never been up there before. The area is absolutely breathtaking! It’s a little slice of heaven. So beautiful and peaceful!

And the food!!!!!! Trying new and delicious food is always one of my favorite things to do on vacation and Deer Valley didn’t disappoint 🙂 I love going out of my comfort zone and trying things I’ve never had before, which you’ll read more about later!


We stayed at the Silver Baron Lodge. The staff was absolutely amazing! They made my family feel so welcomed. The boys loved the swimming pool at the lodge. Here is a fun pic from the boys’ bedroom – seriously such an amazing view of the pool!


The condo we stayed in was so nice! It had three bedrooms and two pullout beds. One of the rooms even had double bunk beds. So much room to entertain a big family! The kitchen was huge and so nice!




You GUYS! We had two HOT TUBS in our place! The kids never wanted to leave! We had one on the main floor and the other on the rooftop patio! The kids thought it was hilarious that there were two hot tubs! The one on the roof was a bit bigger than the one on the main floor, which was perfect for our big family, so we hungout mostly on the roof.



The rooftop patio was the perfect place to just hangout and play games while being surrounded by all the beauty! I seriously could have just sat up there all day and just relaxed! I love nature and this spot was one of the most scenic places I’ve been.




Okay! Sooo the really fun part….probably the main reason why you guys follow me…..All the yummy food and treats I ate while at Deer Valley! I got the chance to go into the back of the kitchen and see how a lot of the amazing desserts were made! It was such a fun, unique experience. I was able to see the cutest cake being made! And the staff that work there were so amazing and so sweet!!!


My favorite dessert at Deer Valley’s bakery was their chocolate chip dipped cookies filled with ice cream! Ohhh my goodness! I can’t even tell you how many I ate 😉 They were a favorite with all the kids too. They are a must to get! Everything is homemade, which is so cool! They have incredibly talented bakers and chefs!

You can watch this how-to video I filmed of their delicious chocolate chip dipped ice cream cookies being made! Now I only wish I had the exact recipe to make these, but at least you can buy the cookies in the frozen aisle at their Deer Valley Grocery and bake them at home! I bought two bags to bring home and I already used them haha. I need to go back for more!

One of the restaurants we dined at was the Royal Street Cafe. This was my favorite place to get lunch. You can drive up the mountain to get there or you can take the tram from our resort, which was a blast!

For the appetizers we got Street Corn Guacamole, Ahi Tuna Tartare, and Burrata and Avocado Toast.




For our entrees we got the Deer Valley Turkey Chili and Bacon BBQ Bison Burger. The turkey chili was so delicious! This is the perfect comfort food, especially in the winter time.

I’ve never had Bison before, but it was sooo good! I’ve always been scared to try it. Sometimes I have a hard time trying new meats, but my husband talked me into it.. and it was worth it! It’s definitely a must to get!



Of course we couldn’t leave without dessert! You know it’s my favorite part of anywhere I go eat! We got the lemon cupcake, 4th of July cake, and lemon tart! My favorite was the cake. I loved the touch of berries on it. My husband loved the lemon tart with blueberries on it.


IMG-5387 IMG-5386

For dinner we ate at the Brass Tag. It was right next to our lodge, so we were able to walk over. For the appetizers I got Avocado Fries, because one of the staff memebers recommended them. They were deep fried and ooohh so yummy! I want to learn how to make them from home. They are very filling, so I could only eat two of them. I never even thought you could deep fry avocados, so I thought that was really neat!



For our Entrees we got Mahi Mahi Tacos, New York Strip, and the Brass Tag Burger. I loved the Brass Tag Burger the best! The meat was perfectly cooked the way I like it. Their homeade fries and fry sauce were to die for! I’m still craving them! I need to go back soon to get them. haha.




The last day we rode the tram. It was sooo gorgeous and peaceful….My boys were in awe. They were a little scared at first, but after we got off they wanted to ride it again! I love the natural beauty Utah has to offer and Deer Valley is the perfect place to experience it!


We really had the most mermorable time! My boys told me this was one of their favorite trips! I love that it’s so close to home, so we can go up there all time! My sister was in town, so it was really fun to go up with her and her cute kids, which are the same age as mine. My little family and I love to be outdoors and go hiking! Deer Valley is the perfect place to enjoy the wilderness and some relaxing time away from all the chaos that life can sometimes bring.

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XOXO, Brooke


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