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Pokemon Birthday Party

My¬†oldest boy turned 6 years old this past weekend! I want to cry. Time is going way to fast. He wanted a Pokemon party! He has been playing Pokemon Go with his dad these past few months and I swear he knows every character in the game. I’ve never seen him be so excited for a character show as much as Pokemon! I think he will be into Pokemon for a long time.

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This Pokemon Cake made all Rylan’s dreams come true! He was so excited for it! He was jumping for joy when he saw it for the first time. He kept saying it’s so “awesome”! He loves gumballs so much, Sweet Tooth Fairy¬†went over and beyond on his cake. They truly make people’s days with their dessert! Here are a bunch more of their yummy treats!

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I love their sugar cookies so much! They are delicious! I ate like 5 of them within 2 days! They are addicting! I’m going to blame it on my pregancy ha! Jk.. I’ve never been able to control myself on cookies!

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I couldn’t celebrate his party without making some royal icing cookies for my little boy! He wanted some Pikachu and Poke ball ones. I was happy how they turned out.

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These water bottles turned out way cute. I ordered the labels off Etsy for $4, such a great price!

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These candies are so yummy. I got them from a company called Sweets Indeed in California. They have the funnest things there. I printed off the labels from Etsy.

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These Poof powders were a huge hit at the party! They are also from Sweets Indeed. They remind me of Pixie Sticks, but you get to make your own design!

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It was fun watching the kids make their own!

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For the food, we served Costa Vida burritos! We got chicken and pork. I am obssesed with their chicken burritos. I go there at least 1 to 2 times a week (no joke, its that good)! If you’ve never eaten there, you need to.

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I always love getting Air Walker balloons because they make the party look so much cuter! I got this giant Pikachu from Zurchers party store and all of the other fun decorations too. The fun color cake stands are from Amalfi Decor. They are my go to cake stand company.

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Anyways, Thanks for popping over and checking out my little boys party! It was so fun to plan. My husband told me the night before that he thinks parties are the number one thing I get excited doing! I told him nahh, but I woke up at 3 in the morning to get ready for it, so I think he’s right ha! Its seriously one of my favorite hobbies to do!

XOXO, Brooke


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