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Swig Cookies

Hey Everyone!

I have this local soda/dessert shop here called Swig, and let me tell ya! It’s AMAZING! I am a bit obsessed with Dr. Pepper that has coconut extract in it, but I am super picky on coconut flavoring and this place I have found has the best! If you love Dr. Pepper and are in Utah you need to run over to Swig and try their “Dirty Dr. Pepper”. Promise! You won’t be disappointed!

I also love their pink sugar cookies! OMG! I could probably go on and on about them! My kids and I like to take a trip over to Swig at least once a week.

Right now they have some great deals on their cookie boxes! Perfect gifts to give to your neighbors, family or even just yourself! When you buy 2 boxes you get one free! Sooo Hurry! Run over and stock up like I’m going too!

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