How To Decorate Unicorn Cookies

Unicorns always make me smile! I don’t know if its the colorful hair or the twirly horn! They are just so cute!! When I saw these unicorns on Cookielicious instagram. I knew I had to have Natalia on my blog as a guest post to teach you how to make these adorable cookies. Enjoy!


Step 1: start with the body of the unicorn, fill with medium consistency white icing (see the first photo below – on the left side). Let the base white icing dry completely.

Step 2: draw her eyes with edible marker and add the unicorn horn with a stiff consistency white icing.

Step 3: add her mouth outline & nose with white outline consistency icing. You can mark out the areas for her hair if you like, but if you want to free-hand the hair you can do that too 🙂 – see the photo below.

Okay so while we are waiting to do the next step we prepared the icing for the unicorn hair.

This is quite fun to do but probably best to do with a fresh icing rather than the ones from the fridge as sometimes the colors can separate.

If you come across icing that the color separated while being kept in the fridge, I would suggest refreshing it by taking it out of the piping bag and put it into a bowl and stir with spatula until everything mixed thoroughly. You can also add a bit more icing sugar to bring a bit more life into it and thickening it a bit.

Prepared a piece glad wrap (also known as cling-wrap) on top of your bench. Then put all the colors you want to use on top of it – see picture below on the far left side.

Then roll the glad wrap/cling-wrap into a long roll (make sure there is plenty of tails on each side – see middle picture below.

Last step is to insert the wrapped icing into a piping bag – see last picture on the right. The when you are ready to use the icing snip the tail and put your piping tip and you are ready to go! 😉

Note: I almost forgot to say, these icing needs to be outline consistency to make it work, and we also learned that if we put the icing in the middle (like that pink icing on the picture below) it wont show up in the end result as it will be hidden inside the roll. So next time just put the colors next to each other and roll….this way all the colors will show up nicely 🙂
icing unicorn-hair-decorated-cookies-cookielicious-nz_orig icing1

Okay so now you have the icing ready for the unicorn hair. But before we use that icing and proceed with that one last fun step, we painted the hoofs and the horn with gold luster dust.

And lastly, pipe the rainbow color icing that we have prepared for the hair and do swirly motions – see picture below 🙂

PS: As you can see in the unicorn hair below (picture on the right), we can’t see the pink color as its hidden in the middle as mentioned in my note above. A lesson learned for the next time 😉



Thanks Natalia for showing us all how to decorate these adorable cookies!!

If you want to see more of Cookielicious cookies. Check out her Instagram here and her blog here.

Don’t forget to pin for later!! XOXO

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